Unwind Your Mind – Relax Into Deep, Rejuvenating Sleep

129820098_3cfdbc46e911Imagine luxuriating in a full-body massage as you fall asleep each night. The massage relaxes you deeply as you drift off into a blissful, rejuvenating sleep. Every morning you wake up with a smile on your face, invigorated and ready to take on the world. Your massages are totally free, available whenever you want them and you don’t even need to make an appointment.

That’s the experience this guided meditation will give you.

How Massage Relaxes The Mind

Massage works by relaxing our muscles in order to relax our minds.

Massage works by relaxing our muscles in order to relax our minds.

The more we have on our minds, the tighter our muscles become. You’ve experienced this yourself. When you’re stressed by an out of control to do list or stupid office politics, your neck and shoulders get painfully stiff.

When your mind is ‘wound up’ like a big ball of elastic bands your muscles tighten up into knots as well.

Our brains and bodies know that there is a correlation between tight mind and tight muscles. When one is tight, the other becomes tight. When one relaxes, the other relaxes in concert.

When our muscles ease out, our minds follow suit and relax as well.

So, massage works by relaxing our muscles in order to relax our minds. It’s that simple.

This Guided Meditation Works Like Massage

This guided meditation works exactly the same way massage works. It guides you to gently relax every single muscle in your body, starting with the ones that are tightest.

It’s like babies sleep – totally relaxed and without a care in the world.

It’s like babies sleep – totally relaxed and without a care in the world.

If your trapezius is tight, it will help you relax your shoulders. If your neck is tight, it will guide you to let go of the stress there. If your calves are in spasm, it will help them relax. Wherever you are wound up, it will guide you to unwind. As you do this, every troubling thought on your mind, every worry, every doubt, every concern you’ve been carrying from the day will drift away.

You’ll drop off into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

You know how babies sleep – totally relaxed and without a care in the world? It’s like that.

Better still, you’ll wake up feeling relaxed, happy and content – like you’ve had the best sleep of your life. And you’ll be full of energy and ready to take on your day.

Two Guided Meditations

I’ve created two versions of the guided meditation: the Starter version and the Super-Deep Relaxation version.

The Starter version is 15 minutes long. It’s designed to be listened to once through as it soothes you into sleep. Use this one when you just want a little assistance in falling into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

I used this version each night last week to unwind during a demanding course in Singapore.

The Super-Deep Relaxation version is designed to be played on a continuous loop for as long as you like. Each time through the loop it will take you deeper and deeper into rejuvenating sleep. Use this one when you’re over stressed or want to have a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

I used this version this morning when I woke up at 4:30 AM, jet lagged from flying from Singapore to San Francisco and with way too much on my mind: the next course I’m designing, the teaching engagement next week I haven’t prepared for, my plans for my weekend in San Francisco, software development issues, cash flow to pay for my recent big airfares… vexing thoughts going round and round in circles of worry.

You know what it’s like when your mind just won’t shut up.

Anyway, I put on the Super-Deep Relaxation version on continuous loop. After three times through the loop, I was more relaxed, but had the thought that I just wasn’t going to fall asleep again. Then I was confused as I noticed the sun had risen. I had drifted off with the guided meditation still playing and had been sleeping soundly for three hours!

I felt great as a smile spread across my face. I was so full of energy my only concern was whether I was going straight to work or for a morning run.

How To Use The Guided Meditation

1131688076_ab347522801When you first use it, the guided meditation works best if you lie on a firm surface like a yoga mat or carpet, rather than a super soft bed. That way you’ll get the most awareness for locating where your muscles are tight and the quickest and deepest relaxation.

The first few times using the meditation I recommend that you do use a firm surface to help you gain body awareness. After you’ve gotten accustomed to using the guided meditation, you can use it anywhere you like – your bed, your favorite napping couch or an airplane seat.

I recommend that you start with the Starter version (surprise, surprise). This version has a little more intro to bring you into the relaxation mind set.

After using the Starter version once, you can use either version anytime after that.

The guided meditations work just as well for a full night’s sleep or a short nap. Set your intention before you start for how long you want to sleep, and the instructions in the guided meditation will take care of the rest.

Starter version:

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Super-Deep Relaxation version:

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